Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Internet Works! (explosions, overheads, and Robby's printer)

Thoughts from the first day of school - the yays and the nays:

  • After a week the internet from the wall in my dorm started working on my desktop. Now I don't have to do all my online homework on my tiny netbook. Resounding yay :) 
  • The chemistry teacher carries a tennis racket around on his back and set off four chemical explosions in the lecture hall - yay :)
  • The calculus teacher is Indian and incredibly intelligent. Almost so much so that he expects more from the university's resources. He wanted a white board - they gave him an overhead and a marker. Yeah...  he called it "primitive" but we taught calculus teacher how to use an overhead -yay :)
  • Tennis at the IMA on purple tennis courts - yay :)
  • 3 hours of projected homework a day - nay :(
  • Robby's printer got a permanent paper jam - nay :( 
  • Okay we have to end on a bright note. All my classes ended completely at 12:20pm today - yay :)

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