Thursday, September 22, 2011

Initial Assessment?

Class doesn't start until next Wednesday. That means home free from thinking right? Alas, peace wasn't to be. My chem professor sent me an email today (the day before move in) that made me purchase a $90 access code (aka charging me for homework) AND said I had a 30 question chemistry and math preliminary skills test due by next Friday. At least its not for a grade but here was my thought process before taking it this evening. I...

  1. Haven't had a chemistry class since sophomore year
  2. Haven't had a math class for two years
  3. Haven't done ANY schoolwork for three months
That being said, I got 70% on it. I'll take it. The sheer fact that I retained 70% of this stuff means that the Bothell chem and math teachers did a better job than I first imagined. In that respect kudos to high school - it worked (err.... 70% worked good enough).

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