Saturday, January 28, 2012

Six For Saturday: Join the Piano Guys Bandwagon

It's a slow weekend. In fact it was coming off of an arduously slow week as well - midterms and all.  But here we are, 48hrs of weekend to reset and relax. What goes well with resetting and relaxing? Music perhaps? I want to introduce you to the piano guys if you aren't already familiar with them. This group (duo rather) is turning into a phenomenon 40 million views strong with only a cello, a piano, and some cool a/v effects. Here are six very worthy samples to pick from:

1) Music led by the force

2) Music led by the soul

3) A more mainstream selection

4) A less intense mainstream selection

5) Something young people like

6) And finally, something old people like

Are you ready to hop on the bandwagon?


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