Friday, June 22, 2012

[Intel Update]: A First Time For Everything

First week completed of first internship? Check. Intel is an awesome place to work and this week has been a blast. As it turns out it was totally worth leaving Seattle and venturing into the California sun (gasp.shock.awe). Meeting other interns from all over the country and even meeting some people from UW I had missed before has probably been the highlight of the week. Just as a disclaimer, I've barely done any intense work this week since most of it has been training and my manager didn't make it to the office until Wednesday so my viewpoint may be on the favorable side but that's not my problem =] (yet). Anyways here's some notes from the week!

Here are some firsts:

  • First professional fail
    • I may have missed the memo where I'm not supposed to wear a blue shirt on the first day. What could possibly go wrong when they take first day pictures against a blue backdrop? Well if you direct your attention to the right, there is my badge and no I am not wearing a white shirt. My corporate picture for the foreseeable future is my floating head. Yolo.  

  • First time using a sun deflector
    • Well, I guess it could be worse. It could be hot and humid. That being said it is still very hot. I caught 101F on my car thermometer but 108F is the record so far. That's why I was celebrating like a kid in a candy store when I discovered a neglected sun deflector under the passenger seat of my car. I can assure you it has saved my life everyday of the week so far. Things are looking up (err.. down) though. This weekend will be a cold spell so highs will stay between "chilly" 70's-mid 80's... yeah perspective is evil.  
  • First professional workspace
    • I don't know why I'm so excited by this but I've always wanted my own cubicle and workspace. I have the workspace but I'm being told my cubicle (with dual monitors =] tempting...) is still coming. But at this rate, I'm not even sure if I'll want one after acclimating to this mobile workstation. My team and I have actually TALKED to each other (*gasp*) leading me to believe cubicle walls are not the answer. Maybe I just haven't worked hard enough to need the productivity magic that is the modern cubicle. Next week things really ramp up but I'm being told that I'm going to take database data from the server room downstairs and put it through some witchcraft software and formulas to generate practical forms and graphs. Long story short, I'm going to be paid for making pie charts! My life goals are being fulfilled left and right here. Okay there's a lot of hard work and queries I need to tackle before I even get the data ready for pie charts but still... Pie Charts!!!.   
So yeah that's that. Now that I've wasted a couple minutes of your life I at least owe you a pretty sunset and a picture of a coworker's Ferrari so here you go. 

Have a great weekend wherever you are =]