Wednesday, November 16, 2011

c.a.l.c - Creating Algebra (so_Long_it_takes_8_sheets_of_paper) Chaos

I've never felt the need to put a WTF on any
of my homework until this year (lower right)
2pi/3(-476+61^3/2). That was the answer to one of my homework questions asking for the volume between to objects. Really??? I was even surprised that my computer told me I got the answer correct. Where in the world will you need to use a volume of a-gazillion pi divided by infinity plus cow over caviar? In the first couple weeks of class, homework took about 30min to an hour - very reasonable. Now, homework takes about 10min a question... and the assignments have 18 questions. Less than reasonable. I think if I've spent 2 hours working on double integrals that the understanding is that I know what I'm doing. Webassign doesn't seem to agree. Trees are dying for the cause - with each passing assignment taking as much as 8 sides of scratch paper. Recycling old sheets is futile. *rant rant rant*. Oh well doing this is supposedly good for me...

( I've had my chance to vent - that is all =] )